“Andrew is one of the best tax professionals our family has dealt with. We have dealt with many, and have done taxes ourselves. But we keep coming back to Andrew. For a few reasons: He is very competent. He worked for the IRS for many years so he knows all the ins and outs of taxes. 2) He is very passionate about taxes! I have never met someone so excited to talk about taxes, so you know that he genuinely loves what he does and keeps up to date because he loves it so much. 3) He is very nice and just a nice person to get along with. I have had my run-ins with all kinds of funky personalities doing my taxes and I can live with it, but having someone like Andrew is just icing on the cake. 4) He saves me money! He does not just do his job, but really tries to find all the ways that I am missing out on a bigger refund (or lower payment). I would recommend Andrew without any reservations” ~ Lia H.

“Andrew is probably one of the friendliest CPAs that you’ll ever meet.   He’s very knowledgable but doesn’t make you feel intimidated at all.  You know he loves what he does by the way he talks about it.  One thing I appreciate is certainly him being available for questions and consultation at all times” ~ Fang W.

“In 2010, my wife and I finally decided that this is the year for us to purchase our house in the Bay Area.  After months and months of searching, it became more real when we finally found a house that we both liked.  Andrew had been our doing our tax returns for 2 years already.  At the time, I emailed Andrew and told him the situation and if he could help me to run some numbers.  Within one day, he came back with a tax projection for me.  He knew having the information quickly was important for us as we were trying to figure out our new financial position.  We can’t thank him enough” ~ James C.

Andrew is the best tax accountant I've ever had! I am a software developer and a web design consultant, and tax season has always been very stressful until I met Andrew. He has not only helped me prepare my taxes, but has made excellent recommendations on which expenses I should and should not be taking.  He even helped me get some money back from  my previous years tax return. He also gives a very thorough explanation of the way he prepared the return, especially for people who are not as familiar with the entire process. During the year he has also been available to answer my questions about steps that I could be making for my small business (when is a good time to incorporate, what is the risk of expensing certain items.) I have recommended Andrew to two of my friends already, and they both thanked me for introducing them to Andrew ~ Cindy L.


“Andrew has been my CPA for a few years now.  He was very helpful with my taxes and planning.  Because I work in Sales, he typically would ask more questions to make sure he covers all the possible areas - and that I am taking advantage of all the deductions that I am eligible for.  Lastly, his previous experience as an IRS agent definitely helps clients like me to get all the income tax benefits and still stay within the boundary of the law....because the last thing I want is the IRS to audit me!  ~ Warren L.


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“Andrew has always given my wife and I great peace of mind when it comes to tax season.  Whenever we have a query, he responds promptly, and his experience is most reassuring.  Andrew always assumes that there has been a change in tax status over the course of the year and is very through in examining our taxes.  We always feel that we are in safe hands; you cannot underestimate the value of having full confidence in your tax accountant” ~ George M.

“Andrew has been a great resource for working through my taxes over the past several years.  He excels at making confusing tax rules that can be really intimidating seem a lot simpler and easy to understand.  He’s also a great resource for general tax advice and planning throughout the year as questions arises.  Thanks to his help I feel prepared heading into tax season each year” ~ Tom R.

“Andrew is the best tax professional I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and he has extensive tax knowledge like a never-ending well that really dig us out of tax debt.  We have been doing taxes by ourselves for a few years, and then found out we’ve been doing it incorrectly and fell into tax debt and chased by IRS audit.  AFter consulting with Andrew, he provided instant help with professional advice during the audit & very useful tax planning advise as well.  Thanks to him, we are now tax debt free.  I highly recommend him to anyone” ~ Matt C.