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“As a CPA, I am very comfortable working with numbers; however, what I enjoy the most is the face-to-face interaction that I have with my clients.   Financial matters are sensitive, private, and cannot be taken lightly.  Hence, I believe it’s important for me to be available for my clients and to make time for them.  My motto is to be a CPA within reach and to establish a lasting relationship with my clients” 
Andrew Lee

Meet Andrew


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Andrew Lee, CPA ~ Tax & Accounting Services

Andrew has more than 15 years of experience in the tax and accounting world.  He received a Masters of Taxation degree from San Jose State University and a Masters of Pacific International Affairs from UC San Diego.    He specializes in compliance and tax planning for individuals and small/medium businesses (sole proprietorship, S-Corps, partnerships).  He is also experienced with financial statement preparation and review.


Andrew started his tax career with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), auditing small businesses and individuals.  As time went on, Andrew soon discovered his passion for helping taxpayers in minimizing their tax liabilities instead of just auditing them.  Upon that realization, Andrew switched over to public accounting and worked for several regional and local public accounting firms.  During this time, he learned different ways in which he can utilize his skill sets to help clients minimize their tax liability.

        “One of my best tax experiences was through my work at the Internal Revenue

         Service.  Auditing the tax returns of individual and business returns taught me

        which issues and tax positions the IRS are more or less likely to challenge.  From

        this, I have been able to educate my clients as to the pros and cons of various tax

        positions. My view on tax saving strategies is to strike a balance between saving

        tax dollars for my clients, and at the same time, protecting their interests and

        avoid getting that audit letter from the IRS.” ~ Andrew


By spending the extra time to understand each of his clients’ backgrounds and potential tax triggering events, Andrew has been able to help many of his clients save substantial amounts of their hard earned money.   Appointments with Andrew are never rushed.  For potential new clients, he offers free consultation to better understand their situation and tax and accounting needs.  For repeat clients, the same care and attention is provided throughout the year.


        “Often times, I get clients who are used to dealing with a tax checklist versus talking

        with their CPA, because their previous CPA just didn’t have time for them.  I’ve

        discovered that by spending the extra 20 or 30 minutes talking to my client, there

        are so many tax-saving opportunities that otherwise would have been missed.  I have

        helped many new clients amend their previous tax returns because of the opportunities

        missed by their previous CPAs. It’s really unfortunate that these situations happened,

        but I was certainly glad that I was able to help” ~ Andrew


Andrew was born and raised in the Silicon Valley.  Andrew enjoys traveling and has been blessed with opportunities to travel to various European and Asian countries in his life.   He has also lived abroad as a foreign exchange student in Grenoble, France and in Beijing, China.  Living abroad has resulted in some wonderful experiences in Andrew’s life as it gave him an opportunity to learn about different people, cultures, and languages.

Andrew also enjoys sports (basketball and softball) and has recently signed up to run his first marathon in early 2013.  He currently resides in the Silicon Valley with his wife and two children.


  2. *Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  3. *Member of AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)

  4. *Notary Public

  5. *Member of the National Notary Association

  6. *Masters of Taxation - San Jose State University

  7. *Masters of Pacific International Affairs - UC San Diego

  8. *Bachelor degree in Psychology - UC San Diego