I provide free initial consultation!

I offer affordable and reasonable fees.  I operate on a low overhead budget and transfer the cost savings to my clients.



  1. Face-to-Face Consultation:

As every individual’s tax and accounting situations are different, a face-to-face consultation is often required for me to provide you with you the most accurate quote.  During this consultation, I might ask you to bring certain tax and/or accounting records that will help me to better assess your needs.  My fee schedules are primarily time based.  After assessing your situation, I will provide a quote based on the complexity and the time required.  Contact me today for a free consultation.

  1. Over-the-Phone Consultation:

I also provide over-the-phone initial consultations to assess your tax and accounting needs.   However, as I am not able to review actual documentation, the quote I provide over the phone are typically range-based.  If you do decide to utilize my service based on the phone consultation, I will follow up with a face-to-face consultation to provide you with a final quote.

Andrew Lee, CPA ~ Tax & Accounting Services